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Chennai Sepak Takraw League

Why ?

  • An activity throughout the year
  • To prevent player exodus after the player has finished his School/College.
  • Motivation to the players because they play competitive games within short intervals with this initiative.
  • The usual long gap between competitive tournaments relatively decreases the rate at which the player grows/improves his skills. This league attempts to counter the problem
  • To have a better domestic structure within the state to produce quality players.
  • The sole purpose is to improve the standard of the game in the state, Bring in more players to the game by having a proper structure.
  • To improve the attitude of the players towards professional sport.
  • Better way to track a player’s performance that will help on the Selection of players for the higher level tournaments in the country.


  • The Chennai Sepak Takraw League is a year long tournament and will be a regular fixture every year.
  • A total of 8 Match Days in the year.
  • A weekend every 3 months and some of the holidays in the year will be the match days for the League.
  • This will satisfy the needs of both full-time and part-time players since the schedule happens to be on weekends.


  • Chennai Sepak Takraw League – Will be held in the league format throughout the year on selected dates which are weekends and holidays for the Regu Event.

Chennai Sepak Takraw League Structure

  • Started with 4 Teams in 2008 and is set to increase to 8 teams
  • Each Team will have a minimum of 5 players.
  • The Executive board for the league will consist of top officials who are Mentors, Well-Wishers and key Operation Board members for the League.
  • The Operations Board for the League will consist of key innovators, officials and the captains from the respective teams.

The Player Pool

  • All the players who wish to play in the league shall register for event at the beginning of the year..
  • All the Registered players will form the Centralized Player Pool.
  • Each Player shall indicate his position of play while registering to the event.
  • The Positions the players choose should one of the three broadly classified positions: Tekong (Centre Back), Striker (Attacker) and Supplier (Feeder).
  • Basically, the Centralized pool for the players shall have 3 sub pools, one for each position.
  • Players who register in the middle of the League will be part of the academy and train with the players.
  • Players can even choose to join the Academy initially before playing competitively in the League.


  • Each player in the Centralized pool of players will have a Rating associated with him.
  • The Rating for the player will be decided at the Ratings meeting by the Operations Board.
  • Each member of the Operations Board shall rate each and every player in the Player Pool.
  • The Final Rating for the player will be the average of all the ratings by the members of the Operations Board.
  • Each Player thereby will have a rating associated with him.
  • The Rating of a player shall be between 1 and 100.

Draft and Cut-Off

  • The Draft is a process in which the players from the player pool are moved to one of the teams.
  • It is carried out by the captains of the respective teams supervised by the other members of the board.
  • In the Draft one captain at a time gets to draft a player from the player pool to his Team.
  • Cut-Off is the limit that will be enforced on the captains when he is drafting players into his side.
  • The cumulative rating of all the players in a team shall not exceed the cut-off that is enforced on the team.
  • The Ratings and the cut-off shall be announced at the same time.


  • As mentioned earlier, the players are divided into Groups viz, Striker, Supplier, Tekong. There will be a special group of Tier 1 players where all the top players of the league will feature.
  • There shall be separate drafts for Tier 1 Players, Strikers, Tekongs and Suppliers.
  • The Order in which the Captains draft players from the Tier 1 Group will be decided on lots.
  • After the Tier 1 Group Draft, the Draft for other groups will be held similarly by lots.
  • The cumulative ratings of all the players (including the captain) shall not exceed the cut-off cap enforced on the teams.
  • A drafted player cannot be released from the team until a Transfer Window opens.
  • The Lock-in Period is the time for which the player is part of the team roster.
  • The first draft has a lock-in period of one year.
  • A player cannot be drafted unless he is a part of the Centralized player pool.
  • Any new player must first register to CSTL before being drafted.
  • Similarly a non-drafted player cannot play in the league even though he is registered to the Player pool.


  • Each team shall be managed and owned by the Owner of their team.
  • The Owner shall announce the Captain.
  • Each Team shall choose a Name for their Team which will be reviewed by the Operations board.
  • Each Team shall choose a Colour Combination for their HOME/ AWAY jerseys.
  • They shall also choose a LOGO that will be reviewed by the Operations Board.


  • Panel of referees for the tournament.
  • Each team shall nominate 2 referees who will attend a training session.
  • A referee review meeting shall be held at the end of the game weekend.
  • The same panel shall act as a jury in case of any controversies/ Conflicts.
  • A head shall be named among the panel of referees whose decision shall be final in the event of any disputes/conflicts.

Awards and Accolades

  • CSTL Regu Champions – Trophy for the League Winners.
  • CSTL Runners-Up – Trophy for the Team that comes second best.
  • CSTL Player of the Year – Trophy for the best Player in the league.
  • CSTL Best Managed Team – Trophy for the best Team in the league.
  • CSTL Fair Play Award – Trophy for the team with best sportsman spirit.
  • CSTL Player of the year shall be the owner of a ‘PLAYER OF THE YEAR JERSEY’ for that year.

Player Performance Tracking (Trial)

  • The Rating associated with the player is bound to change depending on the player performances in the League matches.
  • It increases if the player performs well and vice versa.
  • The statistics of each player shall be recorded and documented.
  • The results shall be published on the website for the league.
  • The news, Player profiles, pictures and video gallery from the league shall also be posted on the website regularly.

Transfer Window

  • Transfer Window is a period that opens on the day the league ends and closes a month before the next year’s league starts.
  • During this period a player from one team can be ‘exchanged’ with a player from another team on mutual agreement.
  • All new players will be part of the central player pool. To sign up a new player from the pool, a player has to be released from the team to the central player pool in exchange for the new player.
  • An ‘available’ player can be drafted from the Player Pool. A player cannot be drafted if he is not part of the player pool.
  • If more than one team tries to draft a player from the player pool, the decision lies with the player himself.

Special Window

  • This is the period that will be opened on the discretion of board to allow a ‘new’ transfer on an emergency basis.
  • This window is opened and closed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Each move in this window shall be documented and can only be done on the majority agreement on the board’s part.

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