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CSTL 2008


06-07 June, 2009 – 4th round
10-11 Jan, 2009 – 3rd round
04-05 Oct, 2008 – 2nd round
05-06 July, 2008 – 1st round
08 June, 2008 – Ice Breaker

Team Player Profiles

Flying Dragons

Kings United

Chennai Warriors

Mighty Scorpions

Harish N Satish Varadhan Ram Kumar H Yogesh Kumar P Premanathan R Bragadeesh J
Nagaraj Srikkanth R Balabharathy Keerthi Karthik Balaji S
Saravanan J Suriya Prakash Omkumar KS Yogesh R Krishna Ramji KS
Umesh V Karthikeyan Saravanan jr Muthupalaniappan Prabhu J Lokesh K
Ragunath Sivabalan Stefan Sabarinath Siva N Abdul Khadar



Final Standings

(at the end of CSTL Season One):

Team Event Position Team Event (Points)

Regu Event Position Regu Event (Points)

1 FD(12) 1 KU(18)
2 CW(10) 2 CW(10)
3 KU(8) 3 FD(4)
4 MS(6) 3 MS(4)


Red – Points for match that was postponed because of lack of time

Red* – Points for match that will be continued because of lack of time

Results – Round II

Team Event

CW 1-2 1-2 0-2*
FD 2-1 2-1 2-1
KU 2-1 1-2 2-1
MS 2-0* 1-2 1-2

Regu Event

CW 2-1 1-2 2-1

FD 1-2 0-2

KU 2-1 2-0

MS 1-2

1-2 0-2

Points Table – Round II

Team Event

Teams Played Won Lost Points Regus For Regus Against Regu Difference
CW 3 0 3 0 2 6 -4
FD 3 3 0 6 6 3 3
KU 3 2 1 4 5 4 1
MS 3 1 2 2 4 4 0

Regu Event

Teams Played Won Lost Points Sets For Sets Against Set Difference
CW 3 2 1 4 5 4 1
FD 3 1 2 2 3 5 -2
KU 3 3 0 6 6 1 5
MS 3 0 3 0 2 6 -4

Results – Round I

Team Event

CW 2-1 2-1 2-1
FD 1-2 1-2 1-2
KU 1-2 2-1 1-2
MS 1-2 2-1 2-1

Regu Event

CW 2-0 1-2 2-1

FD 0-2 0-2

KU 2-1 2-0

MS 1-2

2-1 0-2

To get the complete details of the matches and the results, click on the following link:

Complete Result Details – Round One

Points Table – Round I

Team Event

Teams Played Won Lost Points Regus For Regus Against Regu Difference
CW 3 3 0 6 6 3 3
FD 3 0 3 0 3 6 -3
KU 3 1 2 2 4 5 -1
MS 3 2 1 4 5 4 1

Regu Event

Teams Played Won Lost Points Sets For Sets Against Set Difference
CW 3 2 1 4 5 3 2
FD 3 0 3 0 1 6 -5
KU 3 3 0 6 6 1 5
MS 3 1 2 2 3 5 -2
CW 1-2 1-2 0-2*
FD 2-1 2-1 2-1
KU 2-1 1-2 2-1
MS 2-0* 1-2 1-2

Teams & Players

  • Following are the list of four teams and its players participating in the very first version of the Chennai Sepak Takraw League starting soon this year and their current ratings.
  • The captains and owners are part of the team and may or may not play as a player of the team during the league.
  • The names given below are not complete full names and will the changed to registered names soon.
  • In case, if you do not have any idea of any of the following players or team, visit our Profiles page.

Chennai Warriors

Kings United
Flying Dragons
Mighty Scorpions
Owner: Balaji Seetharaman 95.9 Owner: Satish Varadhan
78.6 Owner: Ram Kumar H 68.9 Owner:Harish Ramaswamy
Captain:Yogesh 79.9 Captain: Prem 91.7 Captain:Saravana 74.5 Captain: Bala 84.8
Omkumar 79.9 Nagaraj 81.5 Srikkanth 91.2 Suriya 85.2
Joe 67.9 Hariharan 59.7 Prabhu J 80.3 Keerthi 63.4
Karthik K 61.3 Muthu Palani 63.5 Ramji 64.8 Ananth B 55.8
Abdul 58.8 Ponsakthi 42.4 PrasanthB 59 Ragunath 62.9
Ajay 61.9 AzharAli 63.5 Praveen Kumar 41.3 Sabarinath D 66.3
Bragadeesh 70 Jayaprabhu 66.3 Saravanan R 67 Umesh 60.6
Ranijth Mehta 58 PrasanthG 40 Arulvel P 56.6 Aravindan 65
Karthikeyan C 55.2 PrasanthKP 62 Karthikeyan S 64.6 Lokesh K 63.3
Phalgun 56.1 RamkumarK 57.7 Sriram K 55.5 Padagalingam S 55.7
DineshSR 64.5 Vivek 62.5 Harishankar 59.5 Sundaresan B 50.8
Vijayan 48.3 Sivabalan 64.7 Balachander 64.5 Suhail 62.5

Om Bagadur 25


  • Use Ctrl and plus(+) or Ctrl and minus(-) key combinations, if you have any problems in viewing the tables in this page


  • Team A – Chennai Warriors
  • Team B – Kings United
  • Team C – Mighty Scorpions
  • Team D – Flying Dragons

Draft Hightlights

. A B C D E F G H I
3 OWNER Balaji 95.9 Satish 78.6 Harish 79.6 Ram Kumar 68.9
4 CAPTAIN Yogesh 79.9 Prem 91.7 Bala 84.8 Saravana 74.5
5 PLAYER#1 Om kumar 79.9 Nagaraj 81.5 Suriya 85.2 Srikkanth 91.2
6 PLAYER#2 Joe 67.9 Hariharan 59.7 Keerthi 63.4 Prabhu J 80.3
7 PLAYER#3 Karthik K 61.3 Muthu Palani 63.5 Ananth 55.8 Ramji 64.8
8 PLAYER#4 Abdul 58.8 Ponsakthi 42.4 Ragunath 62.9 PrasanthB 59
9 PLAYER#5 Ajay 61.9 AzharAli 63.5 Sabarinath 66.3 Praveen Kumar 41.3
10 PLAYER#6 Bragadeesh 70 Jayaprabhu 66.3 Umesh 60.6 Saravanan R 67
11 PLAYER#7 Ranijth Mehta 58 Prasanth G 40 Aravindan 65 ArulvelP 56.6
12 PLAYER#8 Karthikeyan C 55.2 Prasanth KP 62 LokeshK 63.3 karthikeyan S 64.6
13 PLAYER#9 Phalgun 56.1 Ramkumar K 57.7 Padaga lingam S 55.7 Sriram K 55.5
14 PLAYER#10 DineshSR 64.5 Vivek 62.5 Sundaresan 50.8 Hari shankar 59.5
15 PLAYER#11 Vijayan 48.3 Sivabalan 64.7 Suhail 62.5 Balachander 64.5
16 TOTAL . 857.7 . 834.1 . 855.9 . 847.7
17 CUT-OFF . 870 . 870 . 870 . 870
18 POINTS REMAINING . 12.3 . 35.9 . 14.1 . 22.3
19 . . . . . . . . .
20 Tier-1 # . . . .
21 Striker # 5 5 4 5
22 Tekong # 4 4 4 4
23 Supplier # 4 4 5 4
24 Chennai Player# 7 7 7 5
25 Non-Chennai Player# 6 6 6 8
26 Non Local Player# 3 2 1 1

Draft highlights by Round Number

1 Sl No# Player Name Drafter/Team Category Round No Owner Legend
2 1 Balaji A Owner 1 A – Balaji
3 2 Satish B Owner 1 B – Satish
4 3 Harish C Owner 1 C – Harish
5 4 Ram Kumar K D Owner 1 D – Ram kumar
6 5 Yogesh A Captain 1
7 6 Prem B Captain 1
8 7 Bala C Captain 1
9 8 Saravana D Captain 1
10 9 Srikkanth R D Tier-1 2
11 10 Suriya prakash C Tier-1 2
12 11 nagaraj B Tier-1 2
13 12 Om Kumar A Tier-1 2
14 13 Jack D Tier-1 3
15 14 Keerthi C Striker 4
16 15 Hariharan B Striker 4
17 16 Joe A Striker 4
18 17 Ramji D Striker 4
19 18 Prasanth B D Striker 5
20 19 Karthik K A Striker 5
21 20 Muthupalani B Striker 5
22 21 Ananth B C Striker 5
23 22 Raghunath V C Striker 6
24 23 Ponsakthi B Striker 6
25 24 Abdul Khader A Striker 6
26 25 Praveen Kumar D Striker 6
27 26 Azhar Ali B Tekong 7
28 27 Ajay Krishnan A Tekong 7
29 28 R Saravanan D Tekong 7
30 29 Sabarinath C Tekong 7
31 30 V Umesh C Tekong 8
32 31 Arulvel D Tekong 8
33 32 Jayaprabhu B Tekong 8
34 33 Prasanth G B Tekong 9
35 34 Aravindan C Tekong 9
36 35 Bragadeesh A Supplier 10
37 36 S karthikeyan D Supplier 10
38 37 K Lokesh C Supplier 10
39 38 Prasanth KP B Supplier 10
40 39 Ram Kumar K B Supplier 11
41 40 padalingam C Supplier 11
42 41 Sriram K D Supplier 11
43 42 Ranjith A Supplier 11
44 43 Karthikeyan C A Supplier 12
45 44 Hari Shankar D Supplier 12
46 45 Sunderasan C Supplier 12
47 46 Sivabalan B Non-Local 13
48 47 Phalgun B A Non-Local 13
49 48 Dinesh SR A Non-Local 13
50 49 Vijayan A Non-Local 14
51 50 Balachandar D Non-Local 14
52 51 Vivek B Non-Local 14
53 52 Suhail C Non-Local 14

News Archive

CSTL shifts to a different flavor, enters the knockout cup …

CSTL celebrates the new year by inaugrating their first ever knockout cup championship in Regu and Doubles events in their round 3 games. Doubles event makes a debut in CSTL this time and will be played in two divisions. The ‘A’ division players will have all the top players from the state contesting for the CSTL ‘A’ division doubles Knockout cup while the ‘B’ division accomadates only players who have represented two national championships or less. This initiative is to expose the new players into the Doubles Event. The CSTL Regu knockout cup will be played only in the top category. The CSTL Regu League table will be the basis on which the draws will be made. With the way it stands, Kings United meets Flying Dragons in semifinal 1 and Chennai Warriors meet Mighty Scorpions in the semifinal 2 in each of the 3 knockout events. The finals will be played between the winners of the respective semifinals. The Trophy ceremony will be conducted during a special ‘CSTL Celebration Night’ that will take place after the final round of CSTL.

After Round II: CSTL Team Event: Flying Dragons tilt the table upside down, set up a intriguing final round finish

Flying Dragons made an unbelievable comeback against all odds to beat the other three teams during round 2 and grab a good position in the CSTL Team table . Low on confidence and morale one would have predicted the exit of Flying Dragons at the end of round 2 but they played some wonderful takraw coupled with some very good tactics. They retained their best player Srikkanth for the matches against Chennai Warriors and Kings United and he made sure he knocked out the best teams of their opponents to make things easier for the rest of the team. Saravanan Jr was the silent killer and the secret architect behind the victories that Flying Dragons had this round. He single handedly took the attack Against Mighty Scorpions regu of Suriya Prakash, Lokesh and Sabarinath and won the game in straight sets. He along with Srikkanth knocked out the Chennai Warriors trio of Balaji, Abdul and Bragadeesh with some fluent points along the way. Srikkanth got his plans right this time, especially the decision to substitute himself agianst the best regus of the opponents bear fruit big time. Flying Dragons needed a win in their last Team game against Kings United to reach the top and join the leaders and they did just that. The performance of the FD trio Srikkanth, Ram Kumar And Ramji was simply superb under pressure as Ram and Ramji stepped on the gas right when it was needed the most. They defeated the Kings United regu of Prem, Sivabalan and Ram and even more made it look very easy. Now they sit pretty in the table alongside the other teams in the League and the best part was they have given themselves a chance to have a shot at the CSTL Team title what looked like impossible at the end of round 1.

Kings United had a pretty average team event in the 1st round of CSTL but they did their home work and came back pretty strong during round 2. They had to work hard for their victories and it was not as easy as it was for them in the Regu Event. Prem needed to step up his game and he did that in style when he took the attack single handedly to Chennai Warriors regu of Balaji, Abdul and Bragadeesh. Having lost the first set in the first regu Premanathan showed a lot of grit and character to make an amazing comeback. He started moving like a fox in the court, single handedly dealing with every single ball in his court. He drove the opponents crazy and built on that momentum to seal the game in the deciding set. They bagged their first win against Chennai Warriors in the team event. It was a tough game for them against Mighty Scorpions where the trio of Satish, Nagaraj, Shyam who had it easy for almost all the other team games in CSTL round 2 were made to sweat against a tough Mighty Scorpions regu of Harish, Umesh and Ragunath. Prem lost his cool during the second regu clash against the Mighty Scorpions and the comeback of Balabharathy from injury did not help the cause either for Kings United. He along with suriya made sure they stayed till the end of the game to seal the regu for Mighty Scorpions. The Kings United 3rd regu comfortably defeated the Mighty Scorpions counterpart to seal the game. Just when all looked to go the Kings United way, they blew a great chance to reach the top of the table thanks to some wonderful performance from Flying Dragons. Kings United are definetly a force to reckon in the last round and one of the favorites to take the title.

Mighty Scorpions could have had dreadful week if they had not pulled out a solitary win against Chennai Warriors in the last team event game. Mighty scorpions had a really bad week losing all the regu event games and lost their team games against Flying Dragons and Kings United. Against flying dragons it was a shocker when the regu of K.Suriya Prakash, Lokesh K and Sabarinath lost to a very inexperienced FD regu and thereby blew their best chance of winning the game. Srikkanth of Flying Dragons breezed through the Mighty Scorpions second regu making the third regu game a dead rubber. The mistake that Mighty Scorpions made was to have their best team as their 3rd regu and there was no coming back when one of your better regu loses the first regu to not a great opponent’s regu. Striker Balabharathy from Mighty Scorpions was named in the team for the game against Kings United even though he was injured. He finished his part of the deal by winning the second regu but it was the performance of first regu of Umesh V, Harish and Ragu that decided the outcome of the match. The Kings United trio of Satish, Nagaraj and Shyam had the last laugh in a tightly contested affair. Kings United grabbed the third regu taking advantage of the weak third regu of Mighty Scorpions. Just when things looked like all doomed for Mighty Scorpions, they had their consolation win against Chennai Warriors which put them along with all the other teams in the league. When it broke out that Kings united had lost their game against Flying Dragons, the table was nicely set up. Now all the four teams in the league have 3 wins in 6 games which tells you the league is getting ready for a ‘Dramatic Finish’.

Chennai Warriors had a decent regu event, their only loss being the one against Kings United in the deciding set but they got it all wrong in the Team Event. Their match against Kings United was almost identical to that of one in the first round but it was one man from Kings United who disagreed to that. Premanathan just robbed the game from Chennai Warriors regu of Balaji, Abdul and bragadeesh just when CW looked strong having won the first set. Prem came back strong with an intelligent induvidual performance to the take the second set and the Decider. It was a mismatch in the second regu with the third best team of Chennai Warriors Siva, Yogesh Jr and Prabhu played against Satish, Nagaraj and Shyam which Kings United bagged it easily. The third regu was then a dead rubber. Chennai Warriors then tried a different approach against Flying Dragons by sending in Omkumar KS, Yogesh Sr and Ranjith as their first regu and they beat the weak FD first regu with ease. It is in the second regu when Srikkanth of FD substituted himself and tamed Chennai Warriors with a straight set win. It was game, set and match when the weak Chennai Warriors third regu was exposed to a better FD regu. In the game against Mighty Scorpions, Chennai Warriors looked a clearly under performing team and made too many changes to the team in too short a time. They sent Omkumar KS, Yogesh Sr and Ranjith first up and they went on to lose the game in the Deciding set. Chennai Warriors absolutely lost its way when their second regu of Siva, Yogesh Jr and Baskar lost comfortably to Mighty Scorpions 2nd regu which had players who played takraw for the school team. Chennai Warriors was pushed to a position which it deserved with kind of performance and tactics they employed. They themselves dug a big pit and fell into it. Now they have job in their hands to regain their lost pride in the final round of games in the team event.

After Round II: CSTL Regu Event: Kings United complete rout, remains undefeated at the end of Round 2

Kings United continued their good form from round 1 into round 2 and dominated the proceedings in the Regu Event. The Kings United trio Satish V, Premanathan R and Nagaraj looked solid through out the week and they just came over every single challenge that was put in front of them. They started by easing through Flying Dragons 21-16, 21-9 in the match that was carried over from round 1. They just lost one set in whole of round 2 which just goes to show the commanding nature of their performance. In the second round they beat Mighty Scorpions and Flying Dragons in straight sets. They played a relatively tight match against Chennai Warriors whom they beat 21-16, 24-25, 15-8 but at no point they looked out of control. You just knew their win was up for grabs from any situation in the game. It now needs a miracle to stop Kings United from going on to win CSTL Regu Title for 2008-2009.

Chennai Warriors had a relatively tough week although they won 3 of the 4 matches they played in the week. In the carry over game Chennai Warriors beat Mighty Scorpions 21-15, 18-21, 15-4. Chennai Warriors was struggling for consistency in round 2 the factor which gace them the advantage during round 1. They just looked good in patches but were no where near domination. The very fact that they played 4 tie-breaker games in four tells you the results could have gone either way and Chennai Warriors were lucky to be in the second spot. However they stepped up when they needed to and beat Flying Dragons 18-21, 21-18, 15-8. The momentum initially went the Flying Dragons way and slowly went the Chennai Warriors way after Bragadeesh J was substituted for Omkumar KS who looked a little patchy. Yogesh P donned the role of the tekong and then the trio of Balaji S, Bragadeesh J and Yogesh P made sure they were in the damage control mode by making sure they don’t attack too much and make less mistakes and allowed the opponent to attack. Flying Dragons fell into the trap and lost their way. The Kings United game had some great moments but everybody knew the better team was in control of the game. With the return of Balabharathy the Mighty Scorpions looked a better outfit and again it was nerves and Chennai Warriors held them right went it mattered to win the game 24-22, 17-21, 15-10.

Flying Dragons went one step towards the right path as far as regu event is concerned and they got their first win in 4 games when they beat Mighty Scorpions 18-21, 21-12, 15-11. Flying Dragons who had a dreadful 1st round was desperate in making things right this time around. They tried cutting and chopping their team combination by trying out all their 3 tekongs in the team. The team’s think-tank decided to go with 2 strikers with Srikkanth R playing a supplier and striker role. Initially it did not quite work out but they got into the game big time during the second set. The sloppiness of Mighty Scorpions with the absence of Balabharathy was visible. Their game against Kings united was one-sided affair, given the way Kings United team has been playing it was not a surprise at all. Infact they played twice against them this week which included the carry-over game from round 1. However the results weren’t different. They played pretty well against Chennai Warriors by taking the game to them in the first set but they couldn’t adopt to the change in tactics of the Chennai Warriors in the second set and the tie-breaker. Flying Dragons are out of the title race but with their tremendous comeback in the team event, they could prove a thorn in the leg in denying the title for one of the leaders in the event.

Mighty Scorpions could not build on their confidence win against Mighty Scorpions during round 1. They lost all the regu games that was played in round 2. They lost twice against Chennai Warriors including the carry-over game, once against Kings United and Flying Dragons. The absence of Balabharathy hurt them a lot. He was their key striker and they were left without a finishing option and with Harish wearing the finsher cap it became monotonous and too easy for the teams to predict. Mighty Scorpions along with Flying Dragons are out of the title Race as they both read 1 win in 6 games. The most they could do is bring down one of the giants in the competition. Also, both Flying Dragons and Mighty Scorpions would not like to be the last in the table. So it would set up a nice plate final between the two teams next time around. The rivalry between the two teams goes back to round 1 and it could get fierce as CSTL moves on. With the team event up for grabs for all the four teams, Mighty Scorpions need a win or two in the regu event to build confidence.

All set for CSTL Round II

CSTL which was a runaway hit with its launch 3 months before is back this weekend with all the four teams looking to get better over the others. Chennai Warriors, the leaders of the Team Event and Kings United, the leaders of the regu event will be looking foward to maintain thier performances while Mighty Scorpions and Flying Dragons would like to improve on thier previous outing and get one step better. Catch all the action including Captains/ Owners conference, Player Interviews, Results, Scores etc from CSTL Round 2 right here on the website over the next few days.

CSTL Round One – Gist

Chennai Warriors and Kings United share CSTL Leg one honours … CSTL Round Up

Flying Dragons
Ram Kumar, the owner of Flying Dragons reflects, “One may say that during the first round of the league Flying Dragons got the results which any team would not desired to have had. However, it was a case of us losing most of the matches which went down to the wire”. One can say luck was not Team FDs friend. Having said that they lost games that should have been won but for their errors during crucial points.

The Flying Dragons regu team involving Prabhu known better as Jack, Srikkanth, captain Saravanan and Karthikeyan failed to register a victory in the regu event played during the first day. Though Flying Dragons had Prabhu (Jack) in their team, who can prove to be dangerous to the opponents when in form, couldn’t inspire from one of his previous outings to produce a good show. His team lost the only game he played in. Flying Dragons gained control early in the second regu event game with some good finishing from Srikkanth but couldn’t build upon that and they went on to crash the game in the deciding set.

On the second day of the league, Flying Dragons played three team event games. The Regu consisting of Saravanan Junior, Prashanth and Balachander proved they were players beyond age and experience. They stood up against tough and more experienced opponents, even intimidated them and they made sure they made the opponents sweat for their victories. There is no better example than that of the match they played against Mighty Scorpions and faced the likes of Balabharathy, Harish, Umesh and Ragunath(all state and national players) with true belief and intent. This team is undoubtedly a find of CSTL round 1. Even though they could only convert one of their three games to a victory, they will be a force to reckon in the future rounds of CSTL. The Regu consisting of Ram Kumar, Ramji and Hari Shankar lost both the games they played together against Chennai Warriors and Mighty Scorpions. In the third team event game, owner Ram Kumar teamed up with Srikkanth and Karthikeyan to register a thrilling win in first Regu of the Team event against Kings United which went down to the wire again only to see the other two regus lose out. The other Regu consisting players of Captain Saravanan, Sriram and Srikkanth won hands down against the Regu of Mighty Scorpions while they lost to that of Chennai Warriors. In the third team event match, captain Saravanan played with Hari Shankar and Sriram but they lost to Kings United.

Flying Dragons did not have Jack for the whole of the second day(out with injury) and Ramji for the last team event game which hampered their winning prospects. The pattern of the Flying Dragons seemed very clear. They started off well in every game they played only to lose the focus towards the end and crash out but one cannot deny the fact that they have the potential as compared to any other team in the league. They just got to forget the past, believe that they can come back, put their act together and don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Flying Dragons have a lot of scope for improvement and lot of time to bounce back but only if they believe that they can win, which they do.

Kings United
The performance of Kings United was a mixed bag. They were the leaders in the Regu event but couldn’t repeat the same performance in the team event. The absence of some of their key players like Sivabalan didn’t help their cause either and the team owner Satish feels, “The team’s plans went for a toss due to the absence of some of their players and more strategic planning have to be done for the team event going further. The players performance was satisfactory, but I felt they haven’t played to their potential. Which I hope they will unleash it in the coming rounds”.

The regu team consisted of Prem, Nagraj ,Satish, Azhar & Ram. With two of the exiting strikers who swap roles beautifully playing in a same team one must be in for a treat. They certainly lived upto their expectations in the regu event by combining really well. The first match against Mighty Scorpions was a good outing as Kings United thrashed the opponents in straight sets. The first set was a closely fought one but 2nd set was far more easier and convincing. the team was not affected by playing back to back matches. The match against Chennai warriors was a treat to watch for all of the players, spectators and officials as well. Kings united had a shaky start by losing the 1st set closely. The team came back wonderfully winning the 2nd set 21-15. In the winner take all set it went to the wire but the team held their nerves and played wonderfully to finish it off 17-16. Both Kings United and Chennai Warriors showed what experience can offer. The match took extraordinary twists and turns but in the end only one teams effort matters and in this case it was Kings United. The match against flying dragons is yet to be played and it will be a tough one.

Well to start off with the team event, there were lot of expectations within the team to perform well. In the first match against Mighty scorpions the first regu consisting of prem,Stephan & ponsakthi couldn’t use the services of Prem fully. The team lost because there was no-one to support prem. He couldn’t single handedly pull the team out, which is a rare sight. Little did he know this would be his trend throughout round one. The second regu consisting of Azhar, Nagraj & Ram won the match rather convincingly. The third regu consisted of JP, Muthupalani & Prashanth G. the team started of well but couldn’t maintain the momentum and lost the plot. The time outs & substitutions didn’t work out. Satish came in for Prasanth G but even satish can’t get the team together with his famous ‘Quotes’. The team played well in the second set coming from behind(3-11) to match the opponents score but the pressure mounted as they missed out in the final stages.

The second match against Chennai warriors saw a lot of changes in the team. The first regu consisted of Satish,Nagraj,&ponsakthi though they started shakily Nagraj showed good understanding of the game and played for points helping Kings united capture the regu easily. The second regu saw Prem team up with Azhar & ram. This time too prem was not properly supported and there were lot of swapping of positions which didn’t do any good. The player fought back hard in the second set but it was a bit too late. Satish comments, ‘There were lots of valuble lessons learnt by the team in the match’. The 3rd regu consisted of Muthu,jp and stepank. The team had a good start and went close in the 1st set before losing it but were knocked off easily in the second.

The do-or die match against Flying dragons was played as good as finals for both the teams as both the teams played for pride. The Flying Dragons started well by winning the first regu, the match also saw the clash of senior players prem & srikanth. Premanathan encountered his 3rd straight loss. The 2nd regu of Kings United won the match convincingly with some good striking by Nagraj . The 3rd regu played by Muthu, Jayaprabhu and Stepank played cleverly and won the match for kings united. Satish concluded, “Overall it was a nice experience for the players they have learnt a lot about playing the game positively. we believe the team would take their game to next level in the coming rounds”.

Chennai Warriors
Chennai Warriors were by far the best team of the weekend winning 4 of their 5 games their only loss, the narrowest of all coming in the match against Kings United in the regu event. Chennai Warriors Owner Balaji S adds, “I have always believed winning the team event is all the more difficult than the regu event. In the regu event you have your best five, its just a matter of getting your act together but the team event offers a lot more challenge. You got to get your team combination right, use your substitutes well, field your team in the proper order, you have plan A’s and Plan B’s, I mean winning the team event makes 15 guys happy. So we are happy we started on a good note.”.

Chennai Warriors regu team featuring Balaji S, K S Om Kumar and Yogesh P started off pretty well with the win against Flying Dragons in straight sets in the regu event. They started shakily but were never troubled because they kept their mistakes under check right when it mattered. Chennai Warriors however couldn’t keep their momentum going as they lost to Kings United also in the regu event in a heart-breaking fashion with the score reading 16-17 in the deciding set. Suddenly Takraw looked like it reached a different level during this game with both teams playing some breath-taking points. Chennai Warriors looked to be in control taking the first set. They served well, received well, Passed well and finished well but some miserable ball throws and some poor common sense cost Chennai Warriors as they lost the second and third set.

In the team event, they absolutely got their strategies right to win all their 3 games against the other 3 teams in the league. CW deployed their regus precisely where they wanted to and used the ‘reserve technique’ very well which proved the key for them winning all the games. The regu consisting of Balaji S, Abdul Khadar and Ajay krishnan were solid as they knocked off their opponents in straight sets in all of the 3 games. The regu consisting of Om Kumar, Yogesh Kumar and Bragadeesh J played brilliantly well right when it mattered against Mighty Scorpions to seal the top spot for the Warriors. They previously beat Kings United and lost to Flying Dragons. The Regu consisting of developing players like Siva, Yogesh Jr, Dinesh Sr, Vijayan showcased their skills well and gained the much needed exposure of playing against the best.

Prabhu Jothi damaged his hamstring in the first game trying to pull off an attacking shot and was out for the rest of the week. Overall CW played to their potential and will look forward to continue their good show in the forthcoming rounds.

Mighty Scorpions
Mighty Scorpions put up a pretty good performance to come second best in both the events. They started off with a shocker against King United in the regu event where the regu consisting of Balabharathy, Suriya Prakash and Harish couldn’t keep up to their fiery Kings United counter-parts. In their second regu event game, the Mighty Scorpions trio rose to the occasion when the chips were down to register a deciding set victory against Flying Dragons. With a poor performance under their belt in the previous game and losing the first set of the second regu event game, not many would have thought Mighty Scorpions could pull it off but it was just the beginning of an incredible comeback.

Mighty Scorpions met Kings United this time in the team event and took a sweet revenge to their regu event loss. The regu comprising of Keerthi Sekar, Lokesh and Suriya stood in the way of their opponents victory on all the three occasions. They were a calm regu who just applied well in the game and worked on their basics well. The ‘Storm’ of Mighty Scorpions were the regu consisting of Umesh, Balabharathy, Ragunath and harish. This regu provided the maximum entertainment for the spectators as they played some contested fiercely games. Some strong words were exchanged between the teams especially in the match they played against Flying Dragons which they won 17-15 in the decider. In all the occasions they used to just pull it off or just miss out. It looked like they wanted to play a decider every game. Just when it looks they would wrap things up easily, they crumble under pressure and bring the game to the wire. The regu consisting of Sabarinath, Ananth, Padagaingam, Sundaresan, Aravindan and Suhail showed signs of good performance and supported the other two regus. Sabarinath especially, got in a few really good serves in.

Mighty Scorpions showed a very healthy trend on improvement. After the shocking first game, the graph can only move one way i.e. upwards and It never dipped after that. They should be high on confidence and they have this little positivity going around their team and they will definitely be a team to beat in the next round of CSTL.

All the more what is good to see is there has been a change in body language of the players in the state now. They support their team and their team mates passionately. There has been team meetings with Owners and Captains discussing strategy and giving pep talks. Everybody is excited with new initiative. The organization of the event was good and it is expected to get better in the coming rounds of CSTL. Player Performance tracking was trialled during round 1. It is an innovative initiative for tracking the players consistency and conversion rates and it proved to be a success. CSTL has definetly created waves among the players and will continue to do so. Check back on the website to learn the latest happenings, news, scores, discussions, polls etc…

CSTL fever grips Sepak Takraw players in the state

Chennai Sepak Takraw League which gets underway this weekend has already caught the imagination of the players in the state. Chennai, so far, has not seen a tourney of such magnitude all these years and the format and the design makes it all the more effective. The preparations for the event are being done at quite a pace and with the clock ticking down things may get really interesting. Four teams Chennai Warriors, Flying Dragons, Kings United and Mighty Scorpions will take part in the event and the teams feature some of the best players from tamilnadu state who have represented their country and state quite regularly. The draft ensuring the teams to be equally balanced, the preparations from the individual teams will be a key factor in deciding the best team this weekend. CSTL, being an year long event also provides the teams with the chance to come back into the frame of being the ‘Champions’ from the brink of defeat. With all the pride at stake the teams will have to battle it out and play consistently throughout the year to ensure they are crowned ‘Champions’ at the end of the year. The experienced players are under pressure to live up to their expectations and players who are relatively new to the game should have rise their game consistently so that they will be considered for the upcoming national championships. The organization and the procedures are likely to be given more importance to make the tournament look unique from all the tournaments that has been organized in the past. CSTL website provides you with full coverage of what’s happened, happening and will happen in the Chennai Sepak Takraw league. Do log in to check out all the news, results, Gallery of CSTL Website in the coming week.

Logos Released

Concept of owners bring vision to the development of the game
— Balaji Seetharaman

CSTL unveiled its owners and the captains for its four teams during the ‘Draft’. The concept of owners not only brings in the much needed funds that will take the league forward but most importantly it brings in the vision to take the game forward. CSTL is young with full of energy but it becomes very important for this energy to be taken in the right direction. The league sans owners means that the captains have a huge responsibility and also the varied nature of the tasks that they have to handle makes it no easier for them. It becomes really difficult for a captain to think about ‘going for the kill’ while also ‘Exploring and developing the talent in the youngsters of his team’ at the same time and that is why the concept of owners not only eases the pressure on the captain but also makes it effective for the teams bring out exciting talents thick and fast. Satish Varadhan, one of the owners in the CSTL changed the fortunes of Tamilnadu Sepak Takraw when he coached a young, raw junior team to bring back what was the first medal finish for tamilnadu in 15 years, of course ably supported by Tamilnadu Sepak Takraw Association. He is such a good tactician and a very mesmerizing leader. I have been in the thick of things as far as the game is concerned for sometime now and hope i contribute in whatever way i can to bring this game forward and also we have a couple of owners Ram Kumar and Harish who are young and energetic who in my opinion will bring fresh eyes for the development of the game. “So far so good”, it has been wonderful. It has picked up and i would like to maintain the momentum for the rest of the year.

CSTL ‘Draft’ rules the day !

CSTL got off to a wonderful start after the ratings and the ‘DRAFT’ were a huge success. The weekend started off when all the players in the registered player pool were rated and ranked. 11 key members of CSTL board which included the captains of the four teams were present at that meeting. Once the players were rated there was a fruitful discussion about the league’s principles, objectives and how the league is gonna be carried forward. The following day started off with the Draft where the owners and the captains were at their strategic best to pick the best players for their side. The very fact that it is a ‘Draft’ technique, not a ‘Bidding’ technique made sure the teams were equally balanced at the beginning of the year. It was interesting to see the teams preferring young players over the experienced ones during the early part of the ‘Draft’ which just goes to say CSTL is all set to unveil exciting new talent to the game.

Number of registrations for the league on target

As the registrations draw to a close, the number of registrations have already made the board happy. There has been a lot of buzz around CSTL for sometime and the word has truly spread thick and fast. The Board is already on target to start the first year of the league involving four strong teams from around chennai. Infact the rate at which the registrations have been coming in, the board thinks it may exceed its expectations for the number of players for the first year in the league. Organising a high profile league is truly a challenge and the board considers the registrations to be a healthy sign for things to follow for the game in the state. The ratings meeting will commence on 24th of may and the “DRAFT” will be held on 25th of may. Do join us to know the ratings of the players and also the full coverage of the draft.

Opening day Registrations for CSTL encouraging

The registrations for CSTL were opened exactly a week before and the opening days of registration saw many players register for the league. The registrations close on may 20th 2008. The CSTL is all set to get underway on June 14th with the Ratings meeting and Draft to be held on May 24th and 25th respectively.



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