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Following are some of the Quotable Quotes during the CSTL-2008:

JP, you see the ball, Muthu you take care of your Leg !

Satish from Kings United repeats this more than 10 times in the game after the foot fault mistake by Muthu Palaniappan at a crucial stage.

Target the center now ! Target Me !

Umesh of Mighty Scorpions replies strongly to Prasanth B‘s(Flying Dragons) comment made earlier in the game after Scorpions edged the deciding regu 17-15 to win the team event game 2 – 1.

For god’s sake, we are 3 – 11 down , Nobody requires any stunts from you !

Satish from Kings United throws this at Muthu Palaniappan after the point that should be scored by the latter went begging.

I appreciate your sense of humour !

— A humourous statement by the captain of Chennai Warriors P.Yogesh Kumar while he actually meant to say “Presence of mind” instead of “Sense of Humour”.


7 Responses to “Quotes”

  1. umesh said

    my god! u hav insulted me….
    nex time i will never open my mouth inside the court

  2. bragadeesh said

    “I appreicate your sense of humour”
    I was kindof puzzled inside to court to see yogesh telling this at me.. Problem is i do have sense of humour.. But the timing he said was just bad.. It was funny either wayz.. 🙂

  3. prem said


  4. Suriya said

    Nice to see these, but missing a lot!!!!!!!!11
    Who is the head of Quotes committee?

  5. ponsakthi said

    balaji anna veetu sapadu suuuuuuuuuperrrrrrr

  6. coolramkumar said

    ha ha

  7. Pokirri Prem said

    HY guys ‘you should know wat to do ..otherwise you should not do’……….

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