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Chennai Sepak Takraw League

Good News ! CSTL opens Registration throughout the year. Please fill up and Submit your registration here.


6 Responses to “Registration”

  1. siva said

    i dont about the league.
    i know abt dis only on 8th in ICF, im a atya patya player and i want to participate in dis league

  2. yogesh said

    im also atya patya player, want to participate in this league

  3. CSTL Team said

    Hello guys,

    Even though the registrations ae closed, we will certainly consider your entries. Please send a mail to so that we can get back to you.

    CSTL Team

  4. krishna said

    i like to join this league .i am finishing my juniors this december .so,i like to join in the next league.
    for more details about myself i am the son of lakshmi narayanan .you can contact him

  5. prasanna said

    i wish to be a part of CSTL family. But unfortunately the registration is closed now. So im hereby sending my profile to

  6. srikkanth said

    There are about 4 people who wish to register for the legaue.
    The registrations are closed now. You should open the registrations or send the registration form to my mail so that i can get the hard copy and register..

    Awaiting your reply.

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